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Chemicals and allied products

Customised Solution:

The industry is challenging in terms of safe handling, compliant storage and efficient delivery. We at Seajet have a well organised team of professionals that provide solution for liquid and powder chemicals.


The chemical & allied product industry demands compliance for safely handling the hazardous goods at Seajet it is our utmost priority to do sheltered delivery.


We ensure efficient transportation network, end to end delivery of your consignment. We also, ascertain, licensed and DG approved license drivers while channelizing the orders. Seajet always assists its clients with the live tracking of their consignments.

Cosmetics, Toiletries, Detergents and soaps

We offer custom bonded solutions through a team of professionals with the highest efficiency in terms of per-man day output.

Our careful handling of the delicate products ensures intactness of the original packaging. The main motive is to assure customer satisfaction in terms of standards and on-time delivery. Superior service to the clients has made us a benchmark of excellence in this industry.

Paint and applied products

Paint Logistics Industry, we provide the best solutions in this domain. The hazards and risks associated cannot be ignored. The product base has more than just the house paints and they are often dangerous which requires an expertise in the domain. With 100 years of experience we are aware of every challenge and all the loops ignored while handling paint logistics and hence we ensure a smooth management of the supply change and a safe delivery of these products. We believe in delivering the exigent requirements through a set of optimal solutions creating a secure environment for storage and transportation. When you work with the best of the industry, you get the best in the industry.

Health care & Pharmaceutical

We consider the pharmaceutical industry to be the one of the most condemnatory industries in terms of the product availability and hygiene standards.

With the help of temperature controlled and refer storages, we offer efficient solutions for pharma logistics thereby ensuring the quality and not altered of these drugs.

With experience over years in this industry, Seajet has built the trust in its suppliers. Our experts incorporate ‘strategic competitive advantage’ to your supply chain.

Innovating solutions in the pharmaceutical logistics has always been our speciality and we have set a benchmark in the global pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare supply chain.

Agro and Food Commodities

In this Industry, huge percentage of loss is being observed due to poor infrastructure and storage facilities.

The process flow deals with arranging for pickup of the shipment and then transporting it to the warehouse, where it gets packaged. It gets routed to the port and is loaded onto the chartered vessel.

Machinery and Engineering Equipments

ODC Cargo always requires special shipping and handling considerations.The transportation is planned as per the cargo’s weight and dimensions. Risk is huge, and so is the efficiency we operate with, thus meeting the industry’s serious demands.Our expertised trained team constructs the most effective solutions and execute them as per our customers requirements.

Oil and Gas

We take the utmost care of our shipper’s business and shift our focus on meeting requirements for the same. An Oracle in Oil and Gas Logistics Industry, Seajet proves its excellence with every passing year.A small miss can cost billions and hence the logistics need to be well planned and earmarked. We deliver expertise when it comes to time critical consignments.


A strict adherence to the operating processes supported by the technology allows us to maintain a real-time tally of the SKUs to minimize the risks of pilferage & thefts.We head the art of efficiency and consistency in this industry and prove it time and again.

Based on the seasonal consumption, the supply is forecasted and the chain is managed accordingly. We are adaptable to the demands and are agile in providing assistance to the same.

Fashion Apparel

The complexity of distribution networks is huge and to solve such complexities is our speciality. We have an optimised road network that helps us meet the production and transportation rhythms of our client. Time & place is of critical importance in fashion apparel industry. Countless stock, huge number of suppliers, quick orders, changing trends and controlled production costs play an add-on in this volatile market.

Consumer Electronics

The times have changed and so have we in terms of adapting the new and learning from the old. We have seen a gigantic growth in this market. The short lifespan of various products is also a part of the Consumer Electronics Industry. The agility of this industry requires an edge in adaptability, particularly with logistics. We provide optimised logistics solutions to our clients and an effective supply chain logistics management to deal with this volatile market.


We believe in time and cost optimized solutions and provide the best views to our clients. Logistics should have an eye for details and the Hospitality Industry is the best example of detail oriented supply chain. Customization as per client requirements makes us serve them better. We are proud to provide one of the best Hospitality Solutions in this domain.


We are a leader in providing safe and secure logistics solutions in the Energy Industry. With expert assistance to our clients, we take their requirements and provide multiple solutions and assess them choose the best for their products. We are experienced company & with that comes the trust that we build in our clients with the proper service at proper time.


Telecommunications is a highly volatile industry that needs flexibility in terms of business and logistics solutions. The changing demands of this industry make it even more complex. The supply chain is expected to be quick and accurate. At Seajet, we understand the changing world and its needs as we have been in this business for past few years. We have a dedicated team of professionals to carry a smooth operational process and keep our clients satisfied.

Home Decor and Furnishing

The Home Decor and furnishing Industry requires management of the delicate and often fragile products while transportation and delivery. We understand our clients’ needs and accordingly develop logistics solutions that are product specific. A team of highly experienced experts at Seajet surely know the criticality of the supply chain of this industry and hence our clients trust our solutions.


Mass-customization, increasing product variety and In-time part logistics throw a major challenge on the automobile industry logistics. Seajet has become one of the most renowned players of Auto accessories industry and equips its clients with optimal logistics solutions so that the assembly line never runs out of parts.Innumerable parts and suppliers with a legion of equipments and thousands of different workers have to co-ordinated well to maintain a smooth supply chain.

Cotton & Textile Fabrics

The Fabrics Industry is difficult to manage since most of the products are sensitive and highly hygroscopic, Cotton being one of them, readily absorbs moisture. Seajet is adapt at providing intelligent solutions to its clients. To handle such delicate properties of various fabrics, the logistics solutions need to be customised. With an expert at its side, We offer innovative solutions to meet our clients’ varied needs. In addition, the Supply Management is significantly respected throughout the process.

Paper & Paper Products

The paper industry requires a cost and time effective approach in logistics. Seajet has the strength to manage large volume of consignments with a dynamic team as its pillar. Our customer satisfaction in terms of optimum production is an epitome of the best planning services that we cater to them.The Paper logistics is a dense field with a very high level of customer-specific customization demands by the customers. We offer personalized experience to our varied customer base.